Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chickpea Saute with Greek Yogurt (vegan option)

You would be shocked if you saw the amount of cookbooks I have. I have a huge cabinet in the spare bedroom loaded with em! For Christmas last year, my mom got me Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbook, Plenty. I've been going through it this past week and tagging recipe's to make soon. Why waste any time? I decided to try his chickpea saute recipe that sounded delicious and not too complicated. Plus I had some kale in the fridge. Unfortunately a lot of his recipes include eggs, cheese, butter, and oils. But they can be easily altered. Not sure if you remember, but a little while back I made a pita recipe with za'atar. You can find the recipe here. I've been craving it for a couple weeks now and thought it would complement this dish very well, which it did. This dish is perfect with any grain. I served it with brown rice tossed with chopped cilantro, sumac, a little oil, salt & pepper. 

Chickpea Saute with Greek Yogurt

3/4 lb. Swiss Chard (I used kale)
1/3 C. olive oil
4 medium carrots, peeled & cut into 3/8" dice
1 t. caraway seeds
1 1/2 C. freshly cooked chick peas (or canned)
1-2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 T. chopped mint
1 T. chopped cilantro
1 T. lemon juice
salt & pepper
1/2 C. greek yogurt (I used coconut milk)
1 T. olive oil

Separate the chard stalks from the leaves. Blanch the stalks in plenty of boiling salted water for 3 minutes. Add the leaves and continue cooking for 2 minutes. Then drain everything. Refresh under cold running water and squeeze dry, then chop roughly. 
 Heat up the olive oil in a large, heavy saucepan. Add the carrots and caraway seeds and saute for 5 minutes on medium heat. Add the chard and chickpeas and continue cooking for 6 minutes. Now add the garlic, herbs, lemon juice and some salt & pepper. Remove from the heat and cool down a little. Taste and adjust the seasoning. 
 To serve, mix together the yogurt (or coconut milk), olive oil, and some salt & pepper. Pile the vegetables on serving dishes and spoon the yogurt on top. Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper and drizzle over more olive oil, if desired. 

 This recipe is very good. There are several steps before throwing the dish together, but once you get everything chopped, kale blanched & pat dried, and rice ready, you can have the meal ready in minutes. Of course, I enjoyed the za'atar again. I made extra this time to store in my spices. The toasted sesame seeds taste so good with the hummus. 

My mom bought some dates recently to make raw brownies. They were so addicting! Really good texture and nice to know they are pretty healthy. Well, tomorrow my sister and I are making my mom a special Mother's Day Lunch since I had to work all weekend. The menu is as follows:
  * Vegetable sandwiches with avocado, thinly sliced zucchini, bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, lettuce and mustard on wheat bread
  * Summer salad: fresh, crunchy greens with fresh mango slices and raspberries, toasted nuts, drizzled with a light berry vinaigrette 
  * Refreshing iced tea, unsweetened
  * and a sunrise dessert from my sister

Goodnight dear friends,

Chef Teebs

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