Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paris: City of Lights

Beautiful Paris.. how i love thee! Arrived in Paris by train early in the morning, after making our way to our flat and getting settled, we embarked on a wonderful journey of delicious croissants, cappuccinos, baguettes, fresh produce, a 4 hour bike tour and much more.. 
This is the  Fat Tire Bike Tour (night tour). It was one of the most amazing things we did on our whole trip! The tour was a blast. The staff is very fun, down to earth and American. We didn't find the biking to be too strenuous but actually relaxing! It was a great way to spend our first night seeing the city. After the tour, the staff even offered to help answer any questions you may have as a tourist and try to help out however they can. It's very affordable and well worth it! The biking lasts 3 hours and includes a stop by the best ice cream in Paris where you are welcome to purchase a cone and sit for a few. Then the fourth hour is spent on a cruise boat. As the sun is setting, you get to see the twinkling Eiffel Tower as you sip your free beverage of choice!
 I don't have a specific favorite, but one of my favorite things about Paris are the patisseries. They have the best croissants I've ever had. I was on a chocolate fix so I couldn't resist the chocolate ones. But they were all good! You just have to stop by one at least once in Paris! They are everywhere.
Sunday morning came and before heading to Hillsong Paris, we thought we would stop by Bob's Kitchen for breakfast on-the-go. It was amazing!! I wish so bad I could be a regular there. The staff was so kind and helpful. They were patient with my lack of french too. On top of that, it was cute and cozy. There are vegan/raw/vegetarian etc cookbooks lining the shelf by the register, funky menu, boxes of produce and scrumptious goodies everywhere! My friend and I got a vegan bagel sandwich and carrot/beet/apple/ginger juice: amazing!! 
Delicious. Fresh! Avocado, cucumber, greens, tomato.. :)

Hillsong Paris
 After our lovely metro ride with our delicious food and carrot juice (which I felt bad for the drooling onlookers), we made it to Hillsong Paris and then headed to Luxembourg Gardens. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful and so peaceful.
They even have espresso at the little snack stand!!
Marionette shows in the park:)
It can be a romantic place too.
Being in Paris I knew it was possible I may not find a place that would have soy milk but one afternoon we passed by this cute little coffee shop called Kooka Boora
My friend and I each ordered a soy cappuccino and sat outside at the cute tables awaiting what turned out to be the most delicious cappuccino...
The BEST cappuccino, served with creamy chocolates.. amazing!!
Of course we had to stop by Laduree and get macaroons! It's like the "Tiffany's" of chocolate/macaroons. It's so fancy in there. It took us about 30 mins to get through the line going all the way outside. 
Paris was amazing. I could easily spend weeks there. Yes the metros were a little scummy compared to London and smelly, but I love the Parisian culture. The croissants. Fresh bread. Outdoor music. More relaxed life style. Romance. We found the people will be more friendly if you greet them in french and at least try to communicate with them from their perspective instead of yours. They were very graceful with us and would gladly try to speak the best English they could, which most spoke some. 
Delicious eggplant arugula pizza we got to-go as we did our laundry
Typical parisian salad from most bistros (this is my friend's salad with tuna)
Yummy espresso served with sugar cubes
3 cheese pasta from a bistro, topped with fresh parsley. Very fresh cheese taste. 
Croissant filled with fresh strawberry slices from a patisserie 
People on the metro are always playing for money
Cute cafe called Milk, in Montemartre 
Sacre Coeur in Montemartre
 I hope this post inspired you and gave you a fresh taste of Paris. I would highly recommend going! As a vegetarian it is a little more challenging to find food besides creamy pastas and big salads at most of the bistros. That's one reason why I loved the little hole in the wall cafes and juice bars. I would have had lunch at Rose Bakery but because of their weird hours I wasn't able to. It looked amazing! 

Au Revoir!

Chef Teebs

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Wow, looks like a blast. Great pics! You really captured the feeling and tastes! I am hungry for some pastries now!