Thursday, August 18, 2011

Barcelona: One Day in One Unique Looking City!

Jackie and I arrived by plane through Ryan Air. It's a really great airline with affordable flights. Just be sure you follow the luggage restrictions and arrive on time and you should be fine! There's even a fun surprise when you land... they played this hilarious audio over the speakers of clapping because we arrived!! It was great. We found a place to stay for the night on We also used that website to book our flat in Paris and a bed and breakfast in Venice. I highly recommend the website! You can get a very affordable place to stay in almost any city. You can also open up your own home to others. 
Old school elevator in the apartment!
It was such a unique experience to stay with a real Spanish family. The woman who we stayed with was a hospitable hostess. She went out of her way to surprise me with steamed soy milk to serve with the coffee she prepared for us along with delicious croissants. She also came along with us and showed us all the cool sites we wanted to see and ended the night with paella at a restaurant in Las Ramblas. 
La Pedrera by Gaudi
Inside La Pedrera
La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi
Vegetable Paella (it was okay)
Our new friend, Jeremias
 Since we only had one day there we didn't get to see as much as we may have wanted to. I would like to warn you about the pick pockets. It's really bad. Even the locals grip their purses tightly as they walk around. I didn't see this anywhere else on our vacation. Just a heads up. 
We had to catch an early flight to head back to the USA, so we stopped for one last brew on our way... We were so excited to see our families! 
 I'm home safe and sound. Ready to get back in the kitchen and whip up meals! I hope you enjoyed this European journey. My hope is that it brought inspiration, desire for adventure, appreciation for free bathrooms and water (it did me!), awe of God's amazing creation, and of course an appetite for different cuisines!

Recipes are coming, get ready!

Chef Teebs

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