Thursday, July 28, 2011

London Bridge Is Falling Down...

 "The internet isn't rubbish, you're rubbish!" Stef said jokingly to her mom. We had just finished having homemade scones that she made and we we're sitting around the table checking our e-mails and chatting in the dining room. In that room there are many windows where you can see their beautiful garden that surrounds their home. The sun was shining brightly that day. The scones were so delicious. She served them with mascarpone cheese and jams. She made us earl grey tea with a little milk to go with it. I felt so blessed! I'm actually drinking some earl grey right now as I type this. We stayed with this lovely family for 4 days. It made our stay in London so special! 
 We shopped, drank tea, saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Tower of London, London Bridge experience, and other fun things. I found it very easy to get vegetarian food at most places. They had a lot of fresh sandwiches, juices, salads, pastas, curries, etc. It was wonderful! 
One of my favorite places was Food For Thought
We walked down into the cozy, narrow basement. It was very unique. The menu wasn't real big but I already couldn't decide between a few of the options. We finally agreed to share two meals so that way we could get a taste of both. The food was already made in warmers. They scooped the dishes onto plates and added all these different sides to both. It was more than enough food at a great price. The seating was real interesting. They told us if you see an open seat you are welcome to take it. So you could end up sitting with strangers, which I think is neat. The food was so good! I would highly recommend it! They also have a cookbook to purchase. I wish I would have bought it! :(
We found a vegan restaurant in Camden Town called InSpiral Lounge. It's a very creative and artistic looking place from the inside out. They have everything from breakfast to dinner, coffee to juices, desserts to snacks. When we were there it was very busy and had a hard time finding a seat. We realized later that if that's the case, we should do what we saw locals doing: get it to-go and sit by the water on a moped seat! 
View from the moped seat
We both got the same dish and sides: Spinach & nutmeg gnocchi with potatoes, steamed greens and creamy cauliflower. Yummy!! I wish I could have tried other things. Everything looked so good! Camden is a great place to find unique items. The atmosphere is artsy with a twist of grunge. I've been warned to be aware of pick pockets and scams. Just a heads up.
Another day we went to the Borough Market which I LOVED!! It was so fun to walk around and try fresh breads and spreads, cheeses, buy local organic goodies like cupcakes, veggies, fruits, and whatever else you can think of practically! I love how people in London were sitting around picnicking on the sidewalks and enjoying conversation and good food. 

The Last place I would like to highlight is a cute little Creperie stand in Camden Town. It's called Artisans Crepier and it was the best Nutella crepe I ever had! The guy who served us was so nice and made the whole experience fun! He says what makes his so good is that he makes them with love. 
 London was one of my favorite cities in Europe we visited. I did a lot of research before leaving and would love to give tips and suggestions to anyone with questions. I found it very easy to be a vegetarian and find plenty of delicious food to eat! I also was able to find some cool places I want to visit again. 

"Mind the gap!"

Chef Teebs

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That is Tower Bridge, not London Bridge, in the photo. They are often confused.