Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easy Bake Oven?

Red velvet cake (green trimmed one), for my friend Sarah's wedding
When I was little I loved to bake. And cake was one sweet thing I would gladly receive! My mom says that I was a fanatic. "If there was cake, there was Teebs... by the cake." Apparently, she says, at my uncle's wedding when I was a little girl, I just sat right next to the cake, staring at it and everyone talked about how many pieces I ate. 

Growing up, I learned how to make cakes and icing from scratch and decorate them. My mom even taught me how to make roses! Since then, I've made cakes for friends, family, and even weddings. In the Culinary Arts program I completed during high school, we did a lot of fun cake decorating. I started getting pretty creative... Senior year I made a Batman cake with an edible photo of (everyone's favorite teacher) Mr. Hansen's head. It was hilarious. Here are some cake's I've done over the years. 
Another teacher, from college
For my nephew's first birthday
My nephew's cake to actually destroy
My nephew's 2nd birthday cake
Wedding cake for a couple of my friends

My best friend Lisa's birthday
If you are interested in a cake or other yummies, contact me via facebook @Chefteebs. I also enjoy hosting and planning parties/events. 
Good night,

Chef Teebs

Oh, and yes I have tried the easy bake oven. It was a wonderful extravaganza but come on, it tasted terrible. But it was just so fun...


sevenstarsdevotion said...

Awesome tabatha! I have to say that the wedding cake that you made my wife and I was probably the best cake we have ever had:) cool blog

Anonymous said...

I did crack up at that picture of you staring at the cake in Uncle David's wedding! Hilarious!