Friday, May 20, 2011

Tea and Israel Sandwiches this afternoon...

My sister invited my mom and I to a perfect afternoon lunch. So we headed to her house, windows down, warm breeze blowing on our faces as gentle old time Gospel melodies danced through the car. We of course stopped by Starbucks, got some shots and headed to her beautiful casa.

She decorated everything so lovely. Vintage doilies, anthropologie dishes, decorative napkins, Josh Garrels in the background, candles... what a perfect afternoon. She used the Israel sandwich recipe from this blog. She made her own hummus, which by the way, was amazing. Fresh juicy watermelon on the table. And she served it with a freshly brewed glass of iced tea, a mixture of Youth Berry & Wild Orange Blossom. So refreshing!

My brother mailed my sister 2 cap guns (with holsters of course!) One for her, one for my nephew, Kolao, to play cowboy with. He seemed to like it so far. We sat together enjoying the mouth-watering watermelon, sipping tea, taking turns getting kisses from Ko, eating hummus and warm, toasty pita bread, snapping pictures, and cracking up about who-knows-what. 
Thank you again for an enchanting afternoon Tiffany!


Chef Teebs


tealeaver said...

looks soooo delicious!

Anonymous said...

Man, makes my mouth water!!