Friday, May 27, 2011

Chocolate, Noodles, and Girl Talk...

That's right. It's girls night out. So naturally we head out to Godiva! We are all Godiva Reward's Club member so we get a free piece of chocolate each month. It's perfect! The case was full of bright pastel truffles popping out and begging us, "Try me, Try me!" Such a hard decision. The woman Chocolatier was so welcoming and made us feel pampered. We each indulged in our delightful choice and moved on to the next adventure.
So many choices.. so hard to decide!

Yum!! Pistachio. One of my new faves! 
Me and my best friend Jackie
We went to Noodles and Company for dinner. I really like the options they have for vegetarians. Vegans, I'm not sure. I need to look up the ingredients. I had the Indonesian Peanut Saute with tofu. Deee-licious! 

Bellies full of chocolate, we thought it was about time to wrap the night up. We discussed worst pick-up lines, most romantic surprises, and funny date stories. What a great night. 

God's blessings,

Chef Teebs


Anonymous said...

Love the pics in this one, especially the blurry shot of the girls looking at the case of chocolate. Very cool! If you had it on flickr, I'd save it as a favorite.

tealeaver said...

i agree josh. i love these pics. it looks like any girls dream. i love the chocolates!!!